Tracking categories

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This page lists tracking categories which are automatically populated by the MediaWiki software. Their names can be changed by altering the relevant system messages in the MediaWiki namespace.

Tracking category Message name Category inclusion criteria
Páginas indizadas(empty)index-categoryThe page has a __INDEX__ on it (and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed), and hence is indexed by robots where it normally wouldn't be.
Páginas no indizadas(empty)noindex-categoryThe page is not indexed by robots because it has the magic word __NOINDEX__ on it and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed.
Páginas que usan argumentos duplicados en invocaciones de plantillas(empty)duplicate-args-categoryThe page contains template calls that use duplicates of arguments, such as {{foo|bar=1|bar=2}} or {{foo|bar|1=baz}}.
Páginas con demasiadas llamadas a funciones sintácticas costosas(empty)expensive-parserfunction-categoryThe page uses too many expensive parser functions (like #ifexist). See Manual:$wgExpensiveParserFunctionLimit.
Páginas que contienen plantillas con parámetros descartados(empty)post-expand-template-argument-categoryThe page is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding a template argument (something in triple braces, like {{{Foo}}}).
Páginas con sobrecarga de plantillas(empty)post-expand-template-inclusion-categoryThe page size is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding all the templates, so some templates were not expanded.
Categorías ocultas(empty)hidden-category-categoryThe category contains __HIDDENCAT__ in its page content, which prevents it from showing up in the category links box on pages by default.
Páginas con enlaces rotos a archivos(empty)broken-file-categoryThe page contains a broken file link (a link to embed a file when the file does not exist).
Páginas que sobrepasan la cantidad de nodos(empty)node-count-exceeded-categoryThe page exceeds the maximum node count.
Páginas que sobrepasan la profundidad de expansión(empty)expansion-depth-exceeded-categoryThe page exceeds the maximum expansion depth.
Páginas con títulos de visualización ignorados(empty)restricted-displaytitle-ignoredThe page has an ignored {{DISPLAYTITLE}} because it is not equivalent to the page's actual title.
Páginas que utilizan etiquetas HTML autocerradas no válidas(empty)deprecated-self-close-categoryThe page contains invalid self-closed HTML tags, such as <b/> or <span/>. The behavior of these will change soon to be consistent with the HTML5 specification, so their use in wikitext is deprecated.
Páginas con bucles de plantillas(empty)template-loop-categoryThe page contains a template loop, ie. a template which calls itself recursively.
Páginas con errores de resaltado de sintaxis(empty)syntaxhighlight-error-categoryThere was an error when attempting to highlight code included on the page.
Páginas con errores de referencia(empty)cite-tracking-category-cite-errorPages in this category have errors in the usage of references tags.
Páginas con errores en secuencias de órdenes(empty)scribunto-common-error-categoryThere was an error when processing the modules included on the page.
Módulos de Scribunto con errores(empty)scribunto-module-with-errors-categoryThe module has an error in it.
Hojas de estilo de TemplateStyles con errores(empty)templatestyles-stylesheet-error-categoryThe TemplateStyles stylesheet has an error.
Páginas con errores de TemplateStyles(empty)templatestyles-page-error-categoryThere was an error when processing a <templatestyles/> tag on the page.
Archivos sin licencia de lectura mecánica(empty)commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-licenseThe file does not have any machine-readable license template.
Archivos sin descripción de lectura mecánica(empty)commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-descriptionThe file does not have a machine-readable information template, or its description field is not filled out.
Archivos sin autor de lectura mecánica(empty)commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-authorThe file does not have a machine-readable information template, or its author field is not filled out.
Archivos sin fuente de lectura mecánica(empty)commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-sourceThe file does not have a machine-readable information template, or its source field is not filled out.
Archivos sin patente legible mecánicamente(empty)commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-patentThe file does not have a machine-readable patent template.
Páginas con propiedades no resueltas(empty)unresolved-property-categoryThis category lists pages that reference TTSCmeta properties that cannot be found neither by their property ID nor label.
Redirecciones asociadas con un elemento de TTSCmeta(empty)connected-redirect-categoryThis category lists redirect pages that are connected to a TTSCmeta item.